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Know Where Your Shut Off Valve Is

Faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs are plumbing fixtures that all have
one thing in common - a shut-off valve.If any of these fixtures begins to crack
or leak find the shut-off valve and turn it off. There is also a main shut-off valve outside your house that will shut-off all water going to house. Know where your water shut-off valve is located in case of an emergency.

Aside from what to do in emergencies, BAJA PLUMBING provides you with a plumbers guide that informs you of the steps to take in a crisis. We also can teach you the must-knows and how-to's of simple plumbing repairs. We will run you through the basics of your home's plumbing system, if you prefer, so you don't have to call us for things such as replacing a 99 cent washer.

BAJA Plumbing can handle any home plumbing problem. We can get your kitchen,bathroom, bar, patio or garden plumbing system working just like new. "If it's plumbing ... we can fix it!"

Whether you have a sink or toilet plumbing problem, pipe or sewer problem, we can help.

Our promise is to deliver quality service and get the job done right!
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for Brentwood, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, CA - all Contra Costa County

Plumbing 101 - Understanding Your Plumbing System

BAJA Plumbing provides basic information to our clients about their residential
plumbing system so they are often able to keep damages at a minimum and avoid
further complications before we arrive. Also, a basic understanding of your water
heater and plumbing system can help you to easily explain your plumbing problem
to us if you need to call us.

Main Parts of Your Home Plumbing System - Two Most Important Systems

Sub-system One - brings fresh water into your home through water supply lines and

Sub-system Two - the drainage system disposes of wastewater

Getting familiar with these two systems will give you a keen eye for trouble and
allow you to call us at its earliest stage of a plumbing problem. We then can
make the necessary repairs or fortify these subsystems in order to prevent more
serious plumbing problems. Through our "client education," BAJA Plumbing makes
you a more proactive homeowner to ensure that in case a plumbing problem or
plumbing emergency you are able to keep water damage to a minimum.

We invite you to have us come out to your home for routine inspections to
properly maintain your home plumbing systems. BAJA Plumbing will then be able to
ensure your pipes and fixtures remain in proper condition, minimizing the chances
of a costly plumbing catastrophe happening in your home.

We provide free plumbing estimates! Call us today. Serving Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Danville, Orinda ... all over Contra Costa County and beyond!
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